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Application Map LP-gas regulators

The regulator truly is the heart of an LP-Gas installation. It must compensate for variations in tank pressure from 8 to 250 psig (0,55 to 17,2 bar) and deliver a steady flow of LP-Gas at 11-inches water column (27,4 mbar) to consuming appliances. The regulator must deliver this pressure despite the intermittent use of the appliances.

In propane service, NFPA 58 requires Two-Stage regulation in most applications. Two-Stage regulation produces a nearly constant pressure to the appliance and can result in a more efficient LP-Gas operation for the dealer resulting in less maintenance and fewer

installation call-backs. With properly selected regulators, the large internal relief valve and screened vent provide 2 psig (0,14 bar) overpressure protection as required by NFPA 58.

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  • Corrosion-Resistant and Wear-Resistant Materials
  • Stainless Steel Inlet Screen
  • Large Drip-Lip Vent
  • Tradition of Excellence
  • High Capacity Relief
  • Easy Installation
  • Improved Regulation
  • Broad Material Selection
  • Built-in Gauge Taps