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Couplings & Adaptors

O-rings for male adaptors

the 2 1/4" and 3 1/4" male adaptors listed above can be
suplied with replacement O-rings instead of the conventional washer type of gasket.
O-rings give a tighter seal in most cases than the washers.

O-ring for 2 1/4" Adaptors ......T12655T0012
O-ring for 3 1/4" Adaptors ......1H291706562

Filler Valve Adaptor

type M450A allows Methanol to be added through conventional designed double back check filler valves with a 1 3/4" male Acme filler connection and 3/4" FNTP outlet.

Filler Hose Adaptor

intended for the outlet of a bobtail truck filling hose,
Type M570 enables the filling hose to be removed
if the filler valve fails to close.
An integral back check in the event
of a failure of the filler valve.
The filler valve should be repaired as
soon as possible and the M570 removes from the filler valve.  


Cylinder Filling Valve

Type N201 fills DOT cylinders by weight and stops the gas supply when specified fill weigth is reached.
Operated by air pressure, it is designed for beam type scales and requires no electrical or mechanical power.
The assembly comes completely piped up and incledes special parts that allow the slide weight on the scale to move to zero.
A red button appears in the indicator on top of the N201 each time a cylinder is filled to the desired weight.







Clamp Hose Couplings

Type M3162 Series Hose Clamp Couplings, for use on LP - Gas or NH3, are designed to be compact yet rugged for long, dependable service. a small boss on the clamp portion of the coupling keeps the bolt from turning when installing, making installation much easier. each ductile iron unit receves a coat of electro deposition paint. larger size clamp hose couplings can be furnished with a swivel nut female Acme outlet that reduces weight and space.

Adjustable Orifice Reamer

Use Type P520L to enlarge orifices on LP - Gas appliances ranging from drill size no. 80 to 50.