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High pressure regulators


Type 64 High pressure (pounds to pounds) regulators usually reduce
tank pressure to an intermediate pressure for use by another
regulator. They may be used as high pressure regulators on
distribution systems when used in conjunction with a First-
Stage downstream regulator. The 64SR may be used for
First-Stage when set at 10 psig (0,69 bar). They are also
used for Final-Stage service on high pressure burners in crop
dryers and tobacco curers, as well as other medium sized
commercial/industrial applications.

The 1/4” FNPT side outlet, which is normally plugged,
provides an opening for an outlet pressure gauge. Standard
64’s are capable of handling liquid or vapor at temperatures
under 150° F (66°C). A cover or auxiliary vent assembly
should be used to protect the 1/4” FNPT regulator vent
opening on outdoor installations.

Type 64 is an adjustable high pressure regulator with a wide range
of available outlet pressure ranges. It does not contain a relief

valve. It should always be used in conjunction with a downstream
regulator and/or separate relief devices in compliance with
NFPA 58 overpressure protection requirements.

Type 64KB has a special diaphragm protector that makes
the unit suitable for NH service. The 1/4” FNPT tapped and 3
plugged side outlet can be used to install a pressure gauge
(Type J542), or a hydrostatic relief valve. Removing the
bottom plug permits easy access to the valve disc, without
having to remove the regulator from the line.

Type 64SR is a high pressure regulator, which has an internal
relief valve. As such it may be used as a Final-Stage regulator
on high pressure systems. It may also be used as a First-
Stage regulator when set at 10 psig (0,69 bar) or less.
Note: If the installation location makes the ignition of
vented gas a possibility, then a vent line should be
installed from the 64SR vent to a safe location.

High Pressure Regulators
67C Series Suitable for liquid or vapor service, the 67C Series high
pressure (pounds to pounds) regulators are used on a variety
of applications. All types within the series have a 1/4” FNPT
side outlet in which a pressure gauge (J500 series) can be
installed. The compact size of the 67C makes it particularly
useful on installations where space is limited.
The regulator design utilizes precise guiding of the valve plug
to provide close regulation and high performance.
Note: 67C Series regulators do not have an internal relief
valve. These units should not be installed in fixed piping
serving 1/2 psig (0,03 bar) appliance systems.
Type 67CW – Standard regulator with wrench adjustment.
Type 67CH – Standard regulator with handwheel adjustment.
Type 67CD – With dial calibration accuracy nearly equivalent
to that of a commercial pressure gauge, the 67CD eliminates
the need for a pressure gauge on portable applications.
Outlet pressure is permanently calibrated on the spring case
allowing visual adjustment of the outlet pressure without
having to use a pressure gauge. The unit is ideal for service
where gauge breakage is a problem.
Type 67CN – Extremely compact unit with a fixed (non-
adjustable) outlet setting and a tamper resistant spring case.
Three different setpoints are available, 10, 15, and 20 psig.

For Commercial and Industrial high-pressure applications,
like factories, office building, restaurants, etc, Fisher has a
wide variety of products and solutions. For ease of reference,
only the most popular commercial and industrial regulators
are shown on this page. Other orifice sizes, body sizes and
outlet pressure ranges are available. The higher capacities on
commercial and industrial installations usually require a Two-
Stage regulator system.

Note: Because of various spring ranges and orifice
sizes, all commercial and industrial regulators should be
individually sized for the particular installation. Consult
specific product bulletins for maximum pressures ratings.
Contact your local Fisher Distributor for assistance.

Type 627 & 630 – Large capacity direct-operated high
pressure regulators designed for loads up to 10.7 and 14
million BTU/HR respectively. The 627 and 630 are normally

used in conjunction with Type S302G or S202G units, however,
they can also be used on Final-Stage (pounds to pounds)
service. A Type 1805 relief valve is recommended to prevent
excessive build-up in the downstream line. The diaphragm
case and body of the type 627 can be rotated in four positions
to allow easy installation. Additional configurations of the 627
with internal relief and control line connections for monitor
systems are available. For both the 630 and 627, additional
pressure ranges and orifice sizes are available.

Type 99 – Pilot-operated unit keeps outlet pressure constant
despite varying flow rates and inlet pressures. Designed to
handle loads up to 36 million BTU/HR, the type 99 is ideal for
multiple customer installations. The unique pilot design, with
fast opening and closing operation, makes the 99 ideal for
large industrial boiler applications. The 99 can be used for
low or high pressure. A downstream control line is required.