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Globe & Angle Valves


Globe and angle valves are widely used at bulk plants to control
gas flow in the piping system, at storage tanks, on trucks, and
at pumps or compressors. Their body configuration permits
stallation in a straight section of pipe (globe body) or where it
desired to make a change in piping direction (angle body).

All units have a 1/4” FNPT plugged boss in the downstream
side of the body. A hydrostatic relief valve (Type H124) or a
vent valve (Type J402S) can be installed in this outlet.

Heavy-duty ductile iron (DI A395) valves for either LP-Gas
or NH service. Ranging in size from 1/2” to 3”, each valve
has spring loaded TFE chevron packing for an effective seal
against leakage. The valves are rated for 400 WOG and a
maximum temperature of 150° F (66° C).

Valve disc rotation stops as soon as the disc contacts the
body seat to help minimize disc wear. Oversize ports in all
units give high flow capacity.

Type N310 & N410 – Ball bearing valve disc construction
gives a stronger connection to the stem to protect the disc
under back-flow conditions. The ball bearings also permit the
valve disc to stop rotating as soon as it touches the body seat,
minimizing disc wear.

Type N350 & N450 – Economy globe and angle valves for LP-
Gas service. With many of the construction features of the Type
N310 and N410, these valves can be supplied in 1/2” and 3/4”
sizes. TFE spring loaded packing provides an effective seal
against leakage within the valve’s pressure range.