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Integral 2-stage regulators

Integral Two-Stage regulators combine a First-Stage regulator and
a Second-Stage regulator into one compact unit. Recommended
for installations where piping distance is short, integral Two-Stage
regulators provide all of the advantages of Two-Stage regulation.
(Refer to page 9.) Fisher integral Two-Stage regulators are
color coded gray for easy identification. Vents are screened with
standard Second-Stage vent orientation over the outlet.
Type R632, is an Underwriter’s Laboratories (UL) Listed Regulator
with a capacity of up to 750,000 BTU/HR, is recommended
for on-site cylinder installations, mobile homes and domestic
installations, where separation of the First and Second-Stage is
not cost effective. This unit offers a POL inlet connection for the
easy drop-in replacement of Single-Stage regulators.
The R632’s high capacity relief valve and large 3/4” screened
vent limit downstream pressure to less than 2 psig (0,14 bar) in
an overpressure situation as required by NFPA 58. Type R632
is adjustable from 9 to 13” water column (22 to 32 mbar), with a
factory set point of 11” water column (27 mbar).
The R632 has 1/8” NPT built-in gauge taps, orificed to a No. 54
drill size, on the upstream and downstream sides. These taps
provide easy access for testing the proper operation of the First
and Second-Stage while the system is pressurized. This regulator
also features a large 3/4” drip-lip vent to reduce the chance of
blockage by freezing rain or sleet when properly installed with the
vent pointing down.
Type R232 – Designed for installations with small capacity loads
up to 350,000 BTU/HR. With an overall length of 6.5” or 7” for
NPT or FPOL connections respectively, this compact unit fits
easily into confined spaces and is ideal for ASME tanks used
on small domestic loads. Intermediate and outlet gauge taps
facilitate easy system testing. A threaded 3/8 NPT vent allows
easy installation of vent piping. Use of a valve stem and lever
provide stable regulation and excellent durability. A large fabric-
reinforced diaphragm provides accurate regulation. The large
ori?ce assists in minimizing freeze problems. Stainless steel
internal and corrosion resistant coatings provide excellent
corrosion resistance.
Twin Cylinder Installations – The R232 can also be used on
twin cylinder hook-ups found on travel trailers and stationary
applications. These units offer a drip-lip vent style for installations
without a vent protector. Proper installation requires the vent
to be pointed down in a vertical position. Additional protection
may be required if road splatter is a problem.
A P414 manifold can be installed in the regulator’s inlet. The
P414 is a tee check style with a check disc that blocks the flow
to the reserve cylinder. The disc moves to either one side of
the manifold or the other depending upon which cylinder is to
supply gas.