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Back Check Valves


Back check valves allow flow in only one direction and are
normally closed. They are installed in liquid filling connections
on stationary storage tanks, bobtail delivery trucks and liquid
transfer lines.

G100 Series

Type G100, used mainly in tank inlet connections, are offered
in two styles of seat construction: metal-to-metal or soft seat.
The soft seated construction is for the filling connection on
bobtail delivery trucks. Because the valve gives tight shutoff,
piping on the bobtail can be depressurized for maintenance or
repair without leakage.

Type G109 was designed for in-line service at bulk plants with
FNPT connections for easy installations.

G200 Series

Type G200 back check valves are specically intended for
heavy-duty in-line service at the bulk plant’s transfer area.
The valves are suitable for LP-Gas or NH service.

Flow moves the spring loaded poppet to the open position as
soon as pressure differential is created. When flow stops, the
poppet closes. A soft seat construction gives tight shutoff so
that piping can be blown down for maintenance.
With a body designed to reduce low resistance, flow capacity
is high. The 2” body size gives 350 GPM LP-Gas at 10 psig
(0,69 bar) differential pressure.

The G200 Series is built to stay on the job with all internal
parts of plated steel or stainless steel.
Type G201 has a built-in flow indicator mechanism, (see
illustration), which can be used to replace sight low indicators.


G200 & G201

Pressure Rating – 400 psig (27,58 bar) WOG
Body – Ductile iron
Internal Parts – Plated steel or stainless steel
Seat Disc – Synthetic rubber with metal-to-metal backup